How to download documents from Scribd?

8 09 2010

Most of the cases, download option is disabled in scribd documents. But you can still download the document in pdf format. For this purpose, you need to add a virtual printer. Can you take a look at this post, which describes details on how to add a virtual printer on ubuntu. If you are windows operating system user, you make install PrimoPdf.

After you successfully add a virtual printer, you can go to the desired scribd document and let the document to load fully. Then just click the print option and select the printer you setup earlier. This will save the document in pdf format.


Chat on Skype From Web

23 05 2010

So you need to chat on skype, but it is not installed on your system. Then you can use the site for chatting with skype buddies.This site also let you chat with other online buddies of google talk, facebook, myspace, AIM, yahoo, MSN users.